Hack into computers through WiFi

In this tut you'll be learning how to access someone's facebook/youtube and many other accounts who is using the same WiFi as you.

You need Mozilla Firefox. 
Firesheep - firefox add-on: http://codebutler.github.com/firesheep/
WinPcap if you have Windows: http://www.winpcap.org/install/default.htm

Install wincap then drag the Firesheep add on and put it on the Firefox icon.
Firefox will open and will ask you to install the add on.

install it and restart firefox.

Then open the add on.
you can do it by clicking on View>Sidebar>Firesheep

then click on STart Capturing and it'll start Capturing and as soon as somebody logs in any account it'll show up and then you can access their account.

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