Google Chome + Google SSL default search engine

Here's just a short and simple tutorial for those looking to set google's ssl search as their default search engine in Google Chrome. I found it to be pretty useful, and I hope that you do as well.

1) Go to Chrome's option menu (top right wrench->options [in the latest Chrome beta])
2) Under the "Basics" tab, click the "Manage" button next to the "Default Search" form:

3) In the top left, click "Add" in order to have this new dialog appear:

4) Now you need to add the following options:


"This field can be anything. I named my search engine "Google SSL", just 
to make it relevant."
"This field can also be anything, but I find "google" to be more useful 
(This is used in the address bar if you were to type "google" first before
your query. This is only truly useful for switching to search engines not
set as default)."

5) Click "OK", and then make sure your newly created search engine is selected and press "Make Default"

You're done! Now whenever you type your query into the address bar your search will default to google's ssl option, which is currently in beta.


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